I just started upgrading the zone to 11.4.1 (99% of our machines are still at 11.3.2 FRU1). After upgrading an older machine that has a floppy drive in it, ZESService seems to be constantly attempting to access the floppy drive approximately every 7 seconds. Using Process Monitor, ZESService is attempting to open not only A:, but C:, D:, and DOZENS of folders ... every 7 or so seconds. On another machine (a laptop that doesn't have a floppy), the ZESService is doing the same things (minus the A: drive) about every 6 seconds.

Has anybody else seen this and/or have a fix? I tried disabling the ZESService on the machine with the floppy, and after about 5 minutes I was finally able to get it to not immediately restart, but something else happily reset the service to Automatic start, so when I next restarted the computer, the ZESService started doing it again.

Thank you,
Donald Jones
Great Basin College