I have problem with PlateSpin Migrate product (currently I have
instalated 12.0 version). I'm trying to convert Phisical Machine Suse
Linux Enterprise Server 10.4 (x64) with OES2 (NSS pools, vols etc) into
XenServer 6.2 Virtual Machine (Fully Virtualized - HV).

Procedure looks like that: (please correct me if I'm wrong)
1) Add Source server into PlateSpin Migrate Server - OK
2) Create HV empty virtual machine (add ram, cpu, hdd) and boot target
bootofx.x2p.iso - OK
3) Add target into PlateSpin Migrate Server - OK
4) Create new copy/move job - I have problem (see attached Screen shoot)
- "(Target) None of the SCSI Raid Controller devices are supported on
the target machine"

I don't understand why this message occurs. Both machines (SLES,
XenServer) are supported by PlaneSpin (I've checked on supported


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