On 2011-10-05 21:46:02 +0000, ptown said:

> I have just setup Password self service and forgotten password in User
> App 4.0.1. I would like to replace the very confusing and inaccurate
> password policy message that users receive in User App with a simpler
> message. I entered a new message in IManager, but that message is just
> added to the confusing message. How do I replace the message that User
> App is generating?

This is a horrible part of UserApp.

Your best bet is to unpack the IDM.war file and go to
Change the line "<pwdmgtwdRules/> into your desired message.

This will break localization; to accomodate for that you would have to
do a little more. I might do this myself soon because this issue has
arisen at two different projects for me.



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