geposol;2155865 Wrote:
> We use NESCM (3.0.7) on Windows 7 x64.
> On older os versions (XP or so) there is the possibility to auto lookup
> the user. I mean, you insert the card and then a ldap search with the
> card data (certificate) will done to insert the correct user name into
> the input field.
> With Windows 7 x64 it doesn't work.
> Is there a possibility of making this functionality run?

Alas, the user lookup functionality is only supported for Windows XP,
not for Vista or Windows 7. I suggest you open an enhancement request
for this feature under Windows 7:

But, how are you using smartcard login? Is this a Novell only login, or
are the workstations also integrated into active directory? In the later
case, you can in fact avoid the need for a certificate lookup at the
Novell client level by making the AD login the primary login and by
enabling LDAP based contextless login for the Novell client (assuming
the AD userid equals the eDirectory ID, are is otherwise recorded in an
eDirectory attribute that can be used for lookup).

The following TID is also important in this context:
'Unable to seamlessly login to eDir with smart card after AD login'

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