The login method (SAML) runs on your eDirectory Linux Box. I've tested SAML authentication from RBPM 3.7 to a 64-bit eDirectory
running on Linux. We also configured a http proxy for header injection (custom SSO provider in UA/RBPM). Everything worked fine
as long as we didn't have large number of authentications during a small period of time. If the number of connections (SAML
authentications to eDir) were to high eDirectory crashed. We got a fix from engineering for this (the problem was located to the
nmas part, not eDirectory itself). This was over a year ago and I hope the fix is included in one of the later patches for
eDirectory. We don't use the proxy anymore so I can't say if is.

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On 2012-05-09 18:16, ssripathy25 wrote:
> Hello,
> I followed the discussion in the thread and still have a few
> questions:
> We run our UserApp (IDM 4.0) on 64-bit windows and eDir on 64-bit
> Linux. Based on the documentation 64-bit SAML methods are now available
> for Linux with IDM 4.0.
> I understand that this is part of NMAS and that it has the LCM
> component and the LSM component that runs on eDir. My question is does
> the LCM component need to run on the 64-bit windows machine where
> UserApp 4.0 is installed or does it run on the same machine as LSM
> (64-bit Linux within eDir)?? I am not familiar of how UserApp integrates
> with NMAS and your response is appreciated. If LCM has to run with
> UserApp, then I am at dead end as SAML methods are not supported for
> 64-bit windows.
> I see the following contents in the for 64-bit SAML
> methods on the IDM
> 4.0 Linux ISO (under the \products\RBPM\SAML directory)
> File is named
> name = SAML Assertion
> Vendor = Novell Inc.
> grade = Logged In
> MethodID = 0x24
> description file = descrip.txt
> license file = license.txt
> support file = support.txt
> logo file = NovlLogo.gif
> schema file = authsaml.sch
> LSM NetWare = samllsm.nlm.lmo
> LSM WINNT = samllsm.dll.lmo
> LSM Solaris =
> LSM Linux =
> LSM Linux_X64 =
> LCM NetWare = samllcm.nlm.lmo
> LCM WINNT = samllcm.dll.lmo
> LCM Solaris =
> LCM Linux =
> LCM Linux_X64 =
> Method Version = 2830