I have a request from new management to enable password self service
for our users. We are running OES2 SP3 (fully patched) and have had
universal passwords enabled for well over a year without issue. Reading
the documentation I believe our environment meets all of the
prerequisites with our current UP policy. I've created the challenge
set, enabled the policy from the forgotten password tab and forced user
to configure the challenge question for the test context. Upon login at
the workstation, as expected I am prompted to run through the challenge
question wizard which completes normally. I then logged out of that
workstation and attempted to use the new forgotten password policy and
am greeted with the following from the Novell client:

Authenticate using Challenge Response and reset password? - To which I
select yes

I am then presented with the following error from the Novell client:

Forgotten Password: Error
Unable to complete Forgotten Password recovery:
NMAS: invalid requested sequence

I do have the 'Challenge Response' object under the 'Authorized Login
Methods' in the Security container.

I've looked over the forums and the previous references to this all
pertain to netware 6.x I've seen no references to this from OES2. Any
hints on what to log from the OES box and or workstation to resolve


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