Hi to all,

I'm not very familar with NMAS, so sorry if my questions sounds a little

To setup a Universal Password Policy I

- configured NMAS
- build a policy
- attached the policy to *some* testaccounts

- set 'NDS_TRY_NMAS_LOGIN_First' and 'export NDS_TRY_NMAS_LOGIN_First'

- reloaded eDirectory

After that, a lot of LDAP logins from real users without attached UP
policy failed with

LDAP: error code 80 - NDS error: bad station number (-253)

Login is done via Spring LDAP (Java)

Is this error related to

1. Users neither having an UP Password nor a Policy attached?
2. Spring LDAP using the wrong classes (eg. LDAP where an NMAS class
should be used?)

Some Java Errors:
at $Proxy552.authenticate(Unknown Source)
at sun.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor617.invoke(Unkn own Source)
at $Proxy546.doFilter(Unknown Source)

The latter is denied by our developers 'we just use ldap, there's
nothing to configure...'