Recently, I have installed a new eDirectory (Novell eDirectory 8.8 SP7
v20701.480) and joined it to my existing Tree another eDirectory (Novell
eDirectory 8.8 SP5 v20219.150).
The process happened pretty smoothly, but, soon afterward, we
realized there exists some issues. Previously, we had some helpdesk
personnel, whose job included reseting users passward.
What we found out was that helpdesks logging into the old server (with
either the new or old iManager) was able to complete the task
successfully. But if there were to login to the new eDir, a password
policy violation warning would appear, forbidding password reset.
The password policy seems to be in sync, and the Role-Based configue
identical, so, I am really clueless where the problem might be coming

Has anyone seen a similar problem, or might have an idea on approaching
the cause?


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