AFIK, NMAS when used for eDirectory (ie not the client) is updated when
eDirectory is updated.
Is that correct?

When I do:
rpm -qa | grep novell-nmas

I see:

Does not seem to look like anything like 3.3.3 which is the latest
version that shows in patch finder or 3.3.4 which is the latest

How would one know which version is being used?

We are having intermittent issues when in load testing we are seeing
bind failures when there is no reason for them to fail.
We have performed a network trace and can see the simpleBind request
(with password) and they are correct, yet the bind fails with -669 even
though the DN is correct.

If we do it out side of testing, ie, not under load, then all is fine.

I was wondering if the issue the issue described:
- Doublefree issue when stress testing the server using a multi threaded
nmas bind program (Bug 628257/662327)

But I have no access to Bug 628257/662327.

Any ideas?


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