We are running IDM v4.x with Edir v8.8.sp5. We are also using iManager
v2.7. Our IDM vault is Edirectory and it syncs to Active Directory and

We have all our standard users in a USERS OU. Our Administrative and
Non-Person accounts are in separate OU's (TNSAdmins and NonPerson,
respectively). The Standard and NonPerson user OU's have the following
password policy assigned--> 274

The Administrative users' OU does not have any password policy

When I try to change a standard or NonPerson user account's password to
something they have already used, iManager allows me to do it. For the
Administrative users, it does not allow me to do it.

I believe I have the setting correct. Specifically "Require unique
passwords" and "Enable Universal Password", however the unique password
setting is not being enforced.

What am I doing wrong?

Also, what are the default password policy settings when a user account
does not have a Password Policy assigned?

|Filename: password policy.JPG |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=274 |

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