Login times on our workstations are getting worser with any new version. Login on Zenworks 11.2.x was waaaay faster. Login takes up to 10-15 min untill everything is loaded.
Is there something what can be tuned? zac cc is helping a bit to reduce the logintime but it's still far away from quick login.
On lot of PCs cabinetmaker is being started to zip log files.

Exceptions for the Antivirus are already done, zac cc, temp files are cleaned up, tried almost all of those ideas ( https://www.novell.com/support/kb/do....MIVMwvU8.dpuf ).
Workstations are all the same: i3 / i5 with ~3 GHz and at least 4 GB of RAM, normal 320 - 500 GB (7200 Upm)HDD.

We are running on Zenworks 11.4.1.

1x Master Server:
4 CPUs / 12 GB RAM

3x Satellite Servers
2 CPUs / 4-8 GB RAM