I see there are a lot of issues with remote control being raised in relation to 11.4 and I want to throw my hat into the ring. We sadly have rolled out the update to all 1600 machines in our infrastructure and you can imagine the chaos this is causing

Firstly let me say we have an open SR and the issue is pointing at a certificate problem, however there is no certainty on this.

The problem

Most machines on 11.4 agent lose the ability to be remote controlled. However NOT ALL and NOT ALL THE TIME.

SUPPORT machines that use the out of date remote management plugin or the latest one still have the issue. It only manifests when the END client machine is upgraded

The error maifests in two ways

- First time you try and connect, the login attempt stays at 'Authneticating'
- The second attempt the message is 'Connection Established' and then it times out with the 'other application using the port' of words to that affect

A NETSTAT on the client machine shows the connection as established

Our Infrastructure

- The system went live July 2013
- IN August 2013 the domain name was changed for our server, the old domain name was resolvable. This was to match the server domain to the client domains when we introduced AD earlier than expected. At this point (I cant remember the reasoning) a new certificate was not minted on the zenworks server.

It is worth noting we have not had a single issue up until 11.4

Attempted fixes

- I have gone into the primary server configuration, into settings, infrastructure and added the OLD FQDN name of the server
- Our agents are deployed with the old server FQDN in the name, we have tried unregistering and reregistering with the NEW server FQDN. This 'partially' works except that the server now brings up an ALT+CTRL+DEL screen and does not authenticate properly.

- Novell tech has all detailed logs and could find NO errors other than the info one about the certificate FQDN not matching the server FQDN

Whereas I am not disputing the certificate is likely a factor in this issue, what has changed in Zenworks 11.4 that has broken remote control in the first place, and why.. considering how many people have the issue.. have Novell not picked up on this?

If the fix for us is going to be re-minting a certificate and then (I assume) reregistering every agent, thats a huge piece of work on 1600+ machines