I upgraded from 11.3.2ftf1 to 11.4.1 including the report server. Everything
runs win w2k8 and external MSSQL 2012. Before the upgrade I had some users
that would create custom reports and use them and edit, create and run. The
only part of the inventory that we are currently using is the one that is
linked from the ZCC page in the left task frame. its simple but meets our
modest needs. Since the upgrade unless you’re a super user you can no longer
do anymore than view and run a current report. It's been so long I don't
even remember where to setup the rights for a user for this. looking around
in the administration tab for the available rights I don't see anything
specific to the inventory that I will call built in. I have never actually
used the report server that comes with my ZCM subscription. I have gotten on
the server and logged into it a few times and it seems very complicated. So
I just stick with the one I access from ZCC. I did find a tid about this
situation but it was for earlier versions and supposedly fixed in 11.2.