Okay, professionals, I need your best thoughts on how to respond to this.

I have three service requests in for GroupWise - oldest is maybe a
couple months old.

I am getting pressure from my supervisor to get them resolved (not that
I myself an not eager, but...).

I'm being sent messages like

"if (support contact) is out for the next couple of days, who else can
help with this today? They have had this for a week or so now. Did you
give them a due date?"


"Setting due dates or expectations are vital to being able to deliver
service to our staff. Without these, how are we holding Novell or other
software companies accountable to fixing the situation. Is support a
part of license with Novell?"

I am just stunned at the moment and have no idea how to ask in a
professional manner, "um, you wouldn't think of setting due dates for
Adobe or Microsoft, so what makes you think this is different?"