Validator 1.4.1 Beta 1 is now available for download at:

Here are some highlights:
* Added Role and Resource actions in the UserApp connector
* Added new Generate Random String in Generic Actions connector
* Added WSListener Connector to test external SOAP/REST clients

The Listener is great because you can Mock up a REST or SOAP service and
test against it without touching the real service. In other words you
can quickly create a service so you can test a REST or SOAP driver
quickly. You can mock up POST,PUT,DELETE, etc. responses.

Bryan has been going gang busters here and has done a lot of work so he
deserves most of the credit for these. So send him some kudos when you
get a chance.

Change Log - v1.4.1
* Comparison "ends with" was not working in any case
* Fixed action reorder bug where some action categories would be
executed out of order.
* Resolved "undefined" message from console output when evaluating
javascript expressions
* Wait actions were not waiting when executing from the command-line
* Manual test input (p/f) is no longer hidden on command-line
* Fixed NullPointer in TestConnection for UserApp connector. (Cert would
still be imported correctly despite the error)
* Fixed bug in Get Assoc/Ent that would get the last matching value
instead of the first value
* Fixed test import where connections from the import file would not
convert to existing connections
* Fixed a hang in some actions if a variable to set was not specified.
* Fixed issue with foreign characters written as ? to the test suite
* Fixed issue where some older test suites would not import if no
actions were defined.
* Resolved scheduler null pointer issue if variables did not have a
value at runtime.
* Javascript evaluation that returns JSON was not being properly escaped
(" and ') and would cause parsing errors.
* If Javascript evaluation fails, it will now throw an exception instead
of returning the original expression.
* Calculate Date and Assert Dates would not handle LDAP timezones
correctly. They would mostly be ignored.
* Fixed variable resolution when variable name contains special regex
chars (e.g. $^|.*{}[]())

* Run Template action button to edit the template; Button to return to
original test.
* Template actions now has two views. "Action List View" to view all
actions in a single category,
or with the standard three category view.
* Generic Actions Calculate Date now has an LDAP option to return a UTC
(Z) format
* Added command-line option -q (quiet mode) to not require pause and
manual test input, and to hide all console output.
Note: Manual tests will always "pass"
* Added retry to HTTPConnector AssertGet action
* Added ability to change the test suite folder on the List Test Suites
page, and in Scheduler.
The path is stored in a cookie so it can be different for every user.
If no path is specified
it uses the default path in TEST_LOC.
* Added custom attribute and state fields to Assoc/Ent actions in the
eDir connector.
* Variable Indirection: Variable values have always been able to contain
references to other variables.
However now a variable value can also be resolved to be a part of
another variable name.
e.x. utype=Student, uidx=1, name=${${utype}NUM${uidx}} would partially
resolve to ${StudentNUM1}
* LDAP - Added Checkbox in Get Values to get all values of an attribute
as a Json array.
* Consolidated approval actions in the UserApp connector (added action
select list) and enhanced help text.
* Added new Generate Random String in Generic Actions connector
* Added Role and Resource actions in the UserApp connector
* Added ability to specify a variable group (environment) when running
from command-line
* HTTP connector will now authenticate when using RBPM REST API calls.
* Implemented OAuth2 authentication in the HTTP connector
* Run button will turn to a stop button when tests are running. This
functions the same as the stop sign icon in the results page.
* Print Action description (if it exists) at the top of the action
banner in the result log
* Backup of the last 20 versions of a test suite file are kept. User
can restore any version via the GUI.
* Placed comments in for easier updates
* Implemented LDAP login to authorize Validator users
* Added WSListener Connector to test external SOAP/REST clients
* Added icon in test editor to enable/disable the ability to
drag-and-drop (reorder) actions within the test
* Dragging a collapsed group of tests will move the entire group
* Dragging a test after a collapsed group will append the test to the
* Insert a Javascript library file into the current JS lib editor from
files contained in the "jslib" folder
* The Javascript directive icon will list functions from the Javascript
Library to insert into the directive
* UserApp connector allows importing of field names from the request and
approval forms
* UserApp connector approval actions will retry if workflow is not yet
* Help page now has a button to download and apply minor versions.
* Added (i) icon on every action with help on how to get help. :-)
* Added busy cursors in the tree and schema browsers, as well as
directory import functions

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