We have implemented a Join proxy machine in de DMZ zone of our firewall which has a 172.16..x.x. ip adress and there is a static nat from an outside public ip adress tot this ip adres in the dmz.
But when i want to add the join proxy server tot the "unknown" location I suspected the possibility to fill inthe public IP adress or DNS name but i can only link to the join proxy object which does not contain any of the public IP adress or dns info.
So my external client will never be able to contact the join proxy server.

Is ther a solution for this?
Editing or adding an ip adress of DNS name of the join proxy object?

Is there also a picture or describtion available for the ports to be openend at our firewall between Inside and the DMZ join proxy machine (80,443 one direction and 2645, 7628, 61492 en 5950 the other direction) and between external/public and the join proxy (7019?)


Sander de Jong