I thought this would be relatively simple, but I'm probably missing something totally obvious.

Is there any special magic that has to be done to basically:
copy a .sh file to an OES/SLES server
run the .sh file?

I have my Bundle set with 2 Install Actions
1) Install File (sets it as 755) and plops it into the /root directory
2) Run script -> specify the file in step 1, everything else blank on that tab (General tab), and on the Advanced tab, have it set to run as root.

Since the path to the script engine is NOT marked as required, I'm taking it at its word (that it's not required), since the script file has the #!/bin/bash in it already.

Bundle executes, file copies (installs), but then fails on the run script portion. Even with debug logging on the ZAA, it doesn't tell me why it failed.
Script runs fine, manually.

I'm sure it's something dumb on my part.