Been a good long while since I've posted in here but thought I'd see who is still poking around.
Not sure how everyone is getting on in this modern IT world we now live in. Pretty much seems to
suck most days. So it looks like MicroFocus has begun full assimilation of Novell, dropping the time
honored name from most products and transitioning to the Micro Focus label. I also see that Netware
is ending extended support. My server is still chugging along. Currently at 408 days of uptime which coincides
with our last full blown black out.

So I am wondering those of you that have left Netware behind, which way did you go...
Windows? SLES? OES Linux? or other?

Funny story, I did a pilot for moving to Windows for fileserver. I hated it so much I abandoned it but I cannot
decide if OES has a real future. SLES or even RedHat are more obvious choices but I often run into backup
software problems with Linux so I'm just not certain which way to go, thus I am sitting on OES Netware still. None
of these options I fear are going to offer the no-muss, no-fuss experience of Netware.

(Why does it give me CAPTCHA saying I can bypass this by logging in...when I'm logged in?)