We want to configure the default network user template (Kanaka MCX) for our environment. The only documentation that we can find is this from this reference prior to figure 12-18 in the Kanaka for Mac 2.82 Install and Admin Guide - https://www.novell.com/documentation...a/a20gkue.html

"Novell Kanaka for Mac clients can receive Managed Client Settings (MCX) configured in the Kanaka policy or from a properly configured OS X server. The following options instruct the client to use MCX settings generated by Novell Kanaka for Mac or to use settings obtained from an OS X server."

I have found similar, almost identical, questions during several weeks of Googling for information. Mostly very old and unanswered questions.

The latest question I found just now in this post - https://forums.novell.com/showthread...lder-Structure

Again, no answers.

Here are the questions:

Preface - No Mobility settings are in use nor are they desired as we are in an educational environment and use Faronics DeepFreeze to protect the local configuration. Our goal is for student users to be able to login with the Kanaka plug-in, gain access to network resources, save keychain information for use with iPrint and PaperCut clients, and have the default user experience that is configured for our Library patrons for whichever iMac they sit at. The default user experience for local users includes all applications run once and configured as requested by staff, configured backgrounds and login notices for legal purposes, log-off timers, configured managed printing, configured Parallels Windows 7 VM, etc. All this works in our local configured user profile except for saving keychain prefs for iPrint/PaperCut clients as they are discarded on reboot. In instances where we have Macs attached to OD the local default user profile is used and user info saved to their network home folder. Since Apple has been separating itself from managed environments in lieu of 1:1 configs we are being forced to change this method of management.

1. Is there any way to modify the Kanaka MCX default user template for network home folders or script it so it uses the local /System/Library/User Template/English.lproj or non-localized template?

2. If there is a way to modify the Kanaka MCX default user template where is the documentation or a process for doing so?

We are currently using OS X 10.10.5 with Kanaka