I need to merge two attributes into one. I have seen an example in the
Online Access Review Technical Training... The example was for
Full Name --- mapping to --- FullName

transform script was:

var jObject = JSON.parse(inputValue);
var fName = jObject.first_name;
var lName = jObject.last_name;
outputValue = lName.concat(', ').concat(fName);

I am trying something similar but this does not work. Also I do not
understand how this (should) works.
Correct me if I am wrong... inputValue is current value from the mapped
attribute. How can I parse JSON object from this: var jObject =
JSON.parse(inputValue); ?
If this value is not empty, I am getting an error in the transform
script. What I understand because if the inputValue is "Milan Juricek"
than this value cannot be parsed as JSON.
OK, so maybe this value must be empty. I mean FullName does not exist in
the connected application. But in this case, it seems, the transform
script is ignored.
Please, could someone explain me how can I put two attributes into one?

....and how can I log/trace/debug the transform scripts?


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