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Thread: Help with ACCPAC FAXserve 7.5 on NetWare, GW 8

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    Help with ACCPAC FAXserve 7.5 on NetWare, GW 8

    Hello All;

    We are currently running with GW8.03 HP5 on SLES 11 SP3 servers serving the primary Domain and PO. We have a secondary Domain on a NetWare 6.5 SP7 with GW 7.04 just for running ACCPAC FAXserve 7.5 for receiving incoming faxes into the routing GW mailbox, which is working fine.

    FAXSERVE Runtime console for incoming faxes
    FAXconv :00 -12:34:04- Attempt to open VOL1:\FAXSERVE\CONTROL.RT\FAXPRT00.CFG
    FAXconv :00 -12:34:04- Rx: Created RCF VOL1:\FAXSERVE\CONTROL.RT\RX\89C641C0.YCF
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:23- Allocated event handle: VOL1:\FAXSERVE\USER\32AA8595\89C4460.RCF, 619f
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:23- Found routing via CHANNEL1: CN=User1.O=OU1
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:23- Found <> in: VOL1:\FAXSERVE\CONTROL.RT\RX\89C641C0.YCF, 489C
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:23- Routing to FAXserve User : CN=User1.O=OU1
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:23- Email Address: User1@DO.PO, NWServer1/VOL1:/grpwise/FAX_DO/WPGATE/FAXSERVE/FAX
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:33- Routing to FAXserve User : CN=User2.O=OU1
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:33- Email Address: User2@DO.PO, NWServer1/VOL1:/grpwise/FAX_DO/WPGATE/FAXSERVE/FAX
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:44- Deleting Auto-Route: VOL1:\FAXSERVE\CONTROL.RT\RX\89C641C0.YCF
    FAXroute:01 -12:34:44- Auto-Route Successful - Deleting FailSafe Copy (619F)

    The actual receive folder is /grpwise/FAX_DO/WPGATE/FAXSERVE/FAX/RECEIVE and I can use salvage to find the latest incoming fax

    Now we would like to send outgoing faxes from the GW 8 client. With the to address of FAX_DO.FAX:phonenumber, the sent mail goes over to the FAX_DO on the NetWare server, through the 'GroupWise 4.11 FAXserve Agent 7.5' agent which puts the message into the \grpwise\FAX_DO\wpgate\FAXSERVE\FAX\SEND folder and stays there. But it never gets picked up by the next process to be actually sent by FAXSERVE.

    The runtime console shows nothing when we send a fax though the GW client

    Seems all FAXSERVE related knowledge-base has been wiped off the internet.

    I know its an old setup but if we get this going, then we don't need to purchase any other network fax software or services.

    Does anybody have any experience with FAXSERVE on NetWare?

    Any remarks, suggestion, what to check.
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