using 2014 R2 (123047), I see endless errors in the gwdva-logs:

05-02-16 16:52:44 Viewer: Finished Converting document /var/opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva/temp/2/in/572785f2.tmp Type: Time Elapsed: 1
05-02-16 16:52:44 Viewer: Error in performing Function DASetOption SCCOPT_TEMPDIR rc = 145 (The specified path does not exist)

I updated the server last week because of the segfaults problem of the gwdva and the update solved it. I then started a Quickfinder indexing with quarantine switch for the whole PO. Now I see 54GB of files in gp-gwpo/oftemp/gwdca/problem
I'm not sure, but does that mean, there are 54GB of attachments deleted and they are missing in the user emails?

On the other hand I see the same filenames are appearing in the /var/opt/novell/groupwise/gwdva/temp subdirs now... Thats the messages with the Error above.

Hopefully someone is able to explain this?