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Thread: Groupwise 2014 R2 HP1 - DCA Filling up Server

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    Groupwise 2014 R2 HP1 - DCA Filling up Server


    We have a post office on a 145gb disk. It's using around 85-90GB of space normally but now every few days it fills up to 100%. we run all sort of routines and shut it down for a few minutes and eventually get the space back but we haven't really found out how until now...

    But we have finally found the guilty directory

    Appears to fill up with 40GB in a few days.

    So if we turn off DCA ? using /nodca in the groupwise startup config file would this stop this?

    If we do this does it mean we cannot use the groupwise document viewer on the server at all or that it does it on the fly when required?

    Has anyone else had similar problems and come up with a solution, to stop it filling this directory up?

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