I have some new Dell Latitude E7470 with Win10x64 that I am trying to
install ZCM 11.4.1 agent onto. The machines are right out of the box and
after the agent install they go into recovery mode.

I have updated them to the latest BIOS and drivers. Switched the HD mode
from RAID to AHCI as I have had issues with the Intel chipset in the past
when in RAID mode mostly affecting FDE. These changes don't make a
difference. I will look through logs shortly but was wondering if anyone
has run into this issue as I am getting it on every E7470 I try.

Jim Koerner
Servers - ZCM 11.4.1 and Internal Database on Win2008R2x64 and Appliance
Clients - ZCM 11.4.1 on Win7SP1x64 and Win10