We're using ZENworks with agent version We have made an user (an Adminstrator) which we only use for device registration. We use the command:

zac reg -g -u <user> -p <password> https://zcm.server.url

This works great. Because of security issues I tried to give this user as few rights as possible. To begin with the user is no Super Administrator, also I did not assign any rights. The user was still able to register devices as usual.

I then explicitly denied all of the Device Rights (including create/delete rights). To my surprise the user was still able to register Devices...

I really don't know what else to check, the help says "if you select the Deny option, the right is denied for any administrator assigned to that role, even if the administrator is granted that right elsewhere in ZENworks.".

Is this working as designed or am I missing something?