First off, I'm so glad that I've found this community. I am hoping that someone can give me a hand doing identifying existing reflection sessions.

I'm able to open a new instance of reflections and then automate that using this code.

Public Sub SeperateReflections()
Dim MyObject As Reflection.Session  'Reflection for IBM
Set MyObject = CreateObject("ReflectionIBM.Session")

MyObject.Visible = True
MyObject.OpenSettings rcSettings, "C:\Users\New.rsf"
MyObject.TransmitANSI ("Works")
MyObject.RunExternalMacro "C:\Users\New.rsf", "TimeLoopWait", ""

End Sub
But what I'm trying to do is loop through all open versions of reflections, and then enter some information in each one.

I've seen some solutions using the attachmates EXTRA! program, but I can't get any of those to work with the tools in the reflections reference library.

I would really appreciate any kind of tips or tricks.