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Thread: No more applicaton connections

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    No more applicaton connections


    I'm quite baffled about this new error I am facing:

    A user called me with an error message she got: 8560 - I can't find this error number, but maybe she is not remembering correctly. However, the client crashed.
    In the POA log, I saw a lot of "*** Application Connection Table full ***" (translated)
    Ok, then I would just increase the connection limit. I opened the POA agent in the admin console and typed in "Max App-Connections" 3072 (old value: 2048).
    After saving, the error message pops up:
    "*No application TCP/IP connections available, increase table size"
    The new value is not saved.

    How do I increase the table size? I don't find anything about it.


    Edit: Sorry, forgot the version: GW 2014 R2 HP1 (Server on SLES11.3/OES11.2 & Clients on Win7x64)
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