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    Welcome. This forum is for you to give us feedback on not only these forums, but our entire Micro Focus web experience. What are your pain points? What do you get frustrated with when using these forums or any of our web properties?

    I manage these forums but I also work on the team that manages the entire web site for Micro Focus and SUSE. I'll get your issue to whomever is the best person to address your issue. If it's a forum issue, I should be able to take care of it myself. Our web site presence is huge, with many, many pages and processes. We know that all the dots should connect but sometimes they get broken. We also know that things often can be done in a better way than what we're currently doing. Especially now when we're trying to transition all our old web sites (Novell, NetiQ, Attachmate, Borland, Micro Focus) to a single new Micro Focus site, we know the road will be a little bumpy. Pain points are what we should probably address first.

    Please be nice :-) but be honest. I'm here to listen and fix where possible.
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