Nothing fuels interest more than a good controversy or a difference of opinion!

Over the years there have been some forum threads that have commanded more than their fair share of attention whether it be due to a single poster defending his position or multiple posters with differing opinions. I've noticed these threads in technical and nontechnical forums but there have been relatively few of them.

The Product Support Forums certainly serve a purpose but with many (most?) customers having an active maintenance agreement they may no longer be the first place people turn to when trying to resolve an issue. They are also not conducive to the type of discussions I would like to see:

  • The many sub-forums related to a given product are designed to restrict posts to specific topics.
  • For the most part, each new thread is a separate issue and users are encouraged to begin a new thread for each new issue.
  • Occasionally, multiple responders may offer suggestions or propose a different solution but often the initial responder is left to resolve the issue, especially if s/he has a workable solution.
  • The discussions I envision might encompass a range of products and may even compare and contrast non-MicroFocus solutions or they may be related to a specific technology or solution. Currently there is no single forum suited for this type of discussion.

Interest in discussions of this type would depend on the quality of the contributions. I envision the primary participants being Knowledge Partners, Senior Community Members, and time permitting, MicroFocus Employees. Other community members would be encourages to jump in with specific questions or opinions of their own. I envision a single discussion forum with each thread being a separate (perhaps long running) discussion topic.

These are some of the benefits I see to such a forum:
  • An open exchange of ideas on a range of non-product related technical topics and solutions.
  • The ability to discuss various MicroFocus products as alternative solutions.
  • An opportunity for Community Members to gain a better understanding of specific technologies and solutions.
  • An opportunity to explore different opinions and possibly even controversial solutions.

This would be a perfect place for anyone having a specific business problem to start a discussion about possible solutions.