I'm trying to find a document on setting up redirect for WebAccess 2014 R2 on SLES 12.1 to redirect from http://webmail.domain.com to https://webmail.domain.com/gw/webacc

I see docs for every version up to GroupWise 2012 on how to configure this. I don't see anything specific to 2014 R2 on SLES 12.1.

In the 2014 R2 documentation, this is the only thing I can find, "Set up a DNS redirection so that gwmail.yourcompanyname.com automatically redirects to https://gwmail.yourcompanyname.com/gw/webacc."

I've never seen a way in DNS to specify a URL. Only records to specify name to IP address translation and alias (CNAME).

Does anyone have a link to a document on how to set this up? Thanks.