We recently upgraded our Zenworks from ZDM 7 to ZCM 11.4.2. We also changed from Novell eDir to Microsoft AD. The issue I am having is with the way bundles are being installed. In our previous setup, all the application objects were set at "Run Once", then we would update the source files every night and increase the version by one. When the users came in the next day, it would only run the application objects that have an increased version number. We do this so all the applications are not running every time somebody logs in. With ZCM 11.4.2, I am trying to replicate this setup but it seems that when a user logs in, the Adaptive Agent is not refreshing soon enough. For example, if I increase a bundle from version 1 to version 2, when a user logs in, I look in the properties and it is still listed as version 1. I have tried changing the Random Time to Wait in the refresh section of ZCM. I have also tried a login script to run a "zac ref general bypasscache" but this does not always work as sometimes the agent is running the bundles before the script is ran. Is there any way to have a bundle install only if the bundle version is different? Or have the agent refresh before launching the bundles?