when I installed all IDM 4.5 patches (SP3), I found a new check box in
the Configupdate tool. There is a possibility to check the "Second
factor" checkbox and then define some details in the tab "Second
factor". Seems this is using NetIQ Advanced Authenticate Server for
this. ...maybe this possibility was there before and I was just
Where can I found any information about how to configure IDM to use
Advanced Authentication 5.3?
I already installed AA 5.3, I tried configure IDM to use AA but it does
not work. I expected I need to install the AA only, sync some users to
the AA, enable some authentication methods, setup IDM (url,admin
account, password,... in the Second factor tab) and this could ask me
e.g. for my PKI card during authentication process to the IDM User App.
Unfortunately it does not work as I expect
Do you know how to setup these two products together? If yes, could you
send me some steps how to do it?

Best Regards,

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