Hi Members,

With Patch Management I have many errors some patches message logs in ZCC.

For example:
"There is an error in cached information for id Update for Microsoft Office 2013 32-Bit Edition (KB2883036)-1717403762. The content is not yet available to download."

I have policy for Microsoft patches and I can see this patch assinged with 2 machines.
Under the Install action of the patch there is only 1 action: Signature File temp_filler.file.
I found the .pls file for the patch on the server /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/tmp/zpm/download/signatures/windows folder.
The Last PS time is up to date on the machine Patches page, but cannot find the patch if I search in search panel.
I cannot find the patch under Patch Management Patches page.

How can I update the cache for this patch?
Why cannot I look this patch in ZCC Patch Management, but still find under Bundles?

Need some helps.

Gergely Turcsik