Currently the forum layout at is compartmentalized. Products are listed in buckets according to the product type matching the product types on the Micro Focus web page. (Collaboration, Security Mangagement, etc.) The advantage to this is that it does match the web site, it groups all similar function products, and it's easy to display each product in a compact forum home page. The disadvantage is that if you don't know which bucket a product falls under, it's hard to find.

An option to consider is to remove the categorization and list all products alphabetically on the forum home page. The advantage is that it will be easy to find a specific product forum without having to know which category it fits into. The disadvantage is that it will require more scrolling than the current layout to access the forum links for products at the end of the alphabet and all forums can't fit easily onto a compact page.

You're the one's using the forums. Which would you prefer? Please take a moment to add your view to the poll, and feel free to comment if you wish. I'm always looking for possible ways to improve your community experience.