I am in the process of moving WS from an 11.2 ZCM zone to a new 11.4.2 ZCM zone. I have a batch file bundle in the 11.2 ZCM zone that registers the the 11.4 zone certificate then unregisters the WS from the 11.2 zone and registers it in the 11.4 zone. I then want the WS to get the latest ZCM agent from the 11.4 zone. In the 11.4 zone, I have the 11.4.2 system update to be deployed to selective devices.

Since the agent on the WS isn't at 11.4.x at that point, I can't use 'zac zeus-refresh' to have it update to the latest agent. It looks like if I just use 'zac refresh' it will just refresh the bundle and policy info on the WS but will NOT update the ZCM agent to the latest (11.4.2) version. Is this correct?