Cannot seem to figure this one out. Several, but not all users in one
post office are reporting that mail will not send from webaccess. On
message send, the window kind of refreshes like it is going to send, and
then it does nothing. The message can be saved as a draft.

The affected users have clean GWchecks. The users experiencing the issue
did in fact have a dup folder message for sent items on the initial
GWCheck run. Making multiple passes with resequencefolders and
Deldupfolders brought the log back to completely clean.

We have two webaccess instances, one internal and one external, it
happens on both. (Seems to indicate a user account issue)

One of the users did extensive testing with his home PC, iPad and work
PC and found browsers/platforms didn't make a difference.

Logging on both the POA and Webaccess are verbose, I have been unable to
find indications of the problem.

What am I missing?