I am trying to troubleshoot a problem with WS running the 11.2.x ZCM agent not contacting the primary server. When I look at the WS in the ZCC, I see initially that the last full refresh was "6/23" and the last contact was today at 10:00 AM. I then do a "zac refresh" at the command line and I then see that the last full refresh is "4/30/15"!!! and the last contact is "10:15". I do a "zac refresh" a couple more times, wait a couple minutes, check the ZCC and still the last full refresh is 4/30/15!

1. With a single primary server in our environment, how quickly should the details for a WS be updated after the "zac refresh" is run on the WS?

2. How could the last full refresh go from June 23rd of this year to April 30th of 2015?

3. Does a "zac refresh" trigger what the ZCC refers to as a "full refresh"?

4. The help for "zac refresh" says that it causes a "general refresh". Is a general refresh and a full refresh the same thing?

I even logged out of the ZCC, then used a different browser, cleared the cache and logged back into the ZCC and I still see a 4/30/15 date for the last full refresh. I've confirmed I am looking at the correct WS by checking the IP address. What is happening???