Hi Folks,
I am trying to deploy Office 2016 to Windows 7 and 10 machines that have UAC turned off. The locally logged on users are not administrators. I would like this to be completely silent to the users. Office 2016 does not have an MSI to import, so I have to call setup.exe with the /adminfile switch. I have been unable to elevate the privileges on the bundle , so that it will install. Does anyone know of a tool or wrapper that can be used to call setup.exe with elevated privileges? I am not much of a scripter, but I was trying to run this vb script:

Option explicit
Dim oShell
set oShell= Wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
oShell.Run "RunAs /noprofile /user<username> ""\\shared\installs\All\MS Office\Office 2016 32-bit\setup.exe /adminfile silent-office.msp"""
WScript.Sleep 100
oShell.Sendkeys "password~"

I had this as a script in the bundle. I cannot run this by just calling the script manually either. It give me the error"
C:\>RunAs /noprofile /user:appinstall@southportland.org "\\shared\installs\All\MS Office\Office 2016 32-bit\setup.exe /adminfile silent-office.msp"
Enter the password for appinstall@southportland.org:
Attempting to start \\shared\installs\All\MS Office\Office 2016 32-bit\setup.exe /adminfile silent-office.msp as user "appinstall@southportland.org" ...
RUNAS ERROR: Unable to run - \\shared\installs\All\MS Office\Office 2016 32-bit\setup.exe /adminfile silent-office.msp
740: The requested operation requires elevation.

This users is a domain administrator and should have no problems. Thoughts?