So we are running into an issue that is more of an annoyance than anything having to do with inventory of specific machines. We are running Zenworks 11.4.2 in our environment.

When I run the Duplicate System Serial Number report, I get a list of 15 duplicates. When I look into them, they are not duplicates, they just look like the same device sometimes with the MAC address added to the name. For example, I have a machine called exam01m90. When I look at the report, I see exam01m90 and exam01m901078d2cb5eef. There is only one machine in Zen called exam01m90. If I look at the machine inventory in ZCC, the hostname on the inventory tab is exam01m901078d2cb5eef. I keep running inventory and it stays like that. If I unregister the machine and reregister, it comes up as 3 duplicates on that serial number in the report.

How do I clear out old inventory so the hostname in inventory is the same as the machine name?