we have an Access Review 1.5:

- 1 Identity Source
- 1 Application Source
- 1000 Users
- 1100 Accounts
- 4000 Permissions
- 7 Review Definitions
- Postgres data directory size: 462MB

The sources are imported daily. The reviews are running once in a while.
The application fulfillment is set to manual. Currently we have 19
fulfillements (4 verified, 9 pending, 6 waiting for verification). So we
already worked with the fulfillment page.

BUT now the fulfillment page is very slow. It takes nearly 10 minutes
until the server marked a fulfillment as done. The same thing happens
when you want to commit your changes. It takes very long until the
server finishes processing your request. I digged a bit into the problem
and noticed that there are queries which take a long time. The example
query I have attached is used during marking a fulfillment as done.

I already tuned the shared_buffer and work_mem settings of postgres and
was running "REINDEX DATABASE arops". But the queries are still slow. It
looks like the query only consumes CPU time but no further I/O. There is
no other process consuming CPU time. Before and after the query the
system idles.

Has anyone an idea what makes the queries so slow? Any advice on how to
further dig into the problem?


|Filename: explain_analyze_query.txt |
|Download: https://forums.netiq.com/attachment....tachmentid=479 |

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