I have a laptop with Windows 10 and I just ran the latest Windows Updates which includes the Anniversary Update (my computer is also joined to the domain, and running 11.4.2 agent). Now when I login to the laptop on the domain, it only logs into the domain, not into ZCM,like it did before. I have the NAL window set to appear on startup, so right now my window has no apps/bundles showing. I now have to right-click on the ZCM icon in systray and click on "Login", then enter my domain password again, to get all the bundles to appear. I have Windows Updates disabled for all the computers in my schools, but someone can manually run Windows Updates, and I want to get ahead of this issue if possible.

I know this Windows update is very new, but has anyone else updated Windows and seen this issue, before I burn one of my SR's for this?