Not being that well versed on ZCM, looking for any advise on the following error message seen on a satellite server, I believe it is with the inventory process.

I have been upgrading the OS's on our satellite servers from OES11.1 to OES2015.1 and I have seen a couple of error messages coming through on a couple of boxes. I do not believe this is a result from the OS upgrade, but more from the inventory process, and I cannot find any information on the error message. Current version of ZCM is 11.4.0. I have only seen this a couple of times, and I am more concerned with further understanding of the message.

Current error message: CR.DbEntryFailed{/var/opt/novell/zenworks/work/collection/inventory/}

Is there anyplace on the server or web that might expose what this error message relates to? A error database on the web? More verbose log file on server?

Thank you in advance,