How would I go about configuring AR 2.0 for this use case?

On a User in eDirectory, when attribute X changes to Y in we want to
trigger a review of all the users permissions, i.e. the manager should
review the permissions and approve or deny.

So far I have done this:

1) Created a workflow in User Application that, using REST:

1.1) Finds the user in AR.
1.2) Starts an identity collection in case any other attributes have
changed on the user.
1.3) Starts an identity publication.
1.4) Starts an IDM application connector collection.
1.5) Starts an IDM application connector publication.
1.6) Creates and starts a review for that User.

I feel there must be a better way to solve this since:

A) I don't want to litter the system with one time user specific review
B) Sometimes the review definition is in an error state since it tells
me there is nothing to do, i.e. the User has no IDM permissions, I
believe it to be because I'm running the permission
collection/publication at the same time I create the review. Running the
publication again fixes this.
C) Doesn't "feel" scalable running collection/publication all the time.

Basically I'm looking for suggestions that can give me ideas for another
solution or for suggestions on how to make collection and publication
run in sequence or to verify that they are complete before creating the

One idea I have considered is to forget the "near real time review" and
create a scheduled review definition (once/day) that uses an attribute
that is controlled by IDM as a condition.
For example if a review is needed for a user then IDM would set the
attribute to value Z. That would sync to AR when it does its collection.

In my view that should trigger the review.

What worries me is:

A) If we fail to clear the attribute value Z after the review has
started, will AR start another review for that User while the previous
one hasn't finished?

B) If we do clear the attribute value Z after the review has started,
will it cause AR to terminate the ongoing review since the user no
longer fulfils the criteria?