Currently running GroupWise 2014 R2 on VMWARE virtualized fully patched SLES11 SP3/OES11 SP3 as at September 2016.

We are looking to implement an anti spam smtp proxy server solution (running on its own virtulised SLES11 SP3/OES11 SP3 server) in front of the GWIA which wants to use two different port numbers (other than port 25) when forwarding and receiving SMTP messages from the GroupWise GWIA.

The existing SMTP port setting via GwAdmin console>Internet Agent>GWIA>Agent Settings>SMTP Port = 25.

If the GwAdmin console setting for SMPT Port number is changed from 25 to 2525 does this new port number 2525 setting apply to both the SMTP listen and SMTP send ports used by GWIA?

And can the --smtpport GWIA startup switch in the gwia.cfg then be used to alter the SMTP port that GWIA listens on so that in effect the GWIA would SMTP listen on Port = 125 and SMTP send on Port = 2525.

Thanks for your advice.