I have applied ZCM 11.4.2 to the single primary server and all the WS in the management zone using the 'Selected Devices' option. Now I want to baseline the 11.4.2 update so I selected it under 'Available System Updates', choose to 'Deploy Update to Devices' then chose 'All Devices', thinking that since all the WS and the server are at 11.4.2, the update would see that and set the updatee to 'baselined'. However, out of about 200 WS there were 21 that are showing as 'Pending'. When I look at the details of those WS, all of them show that they have the 11.4.2 update applied BUT the WS are currently turned off so the management server can't contact them. I am assuming that is why they show as pending.

I would think that if a WS has been updated to 11.4.2 in the ZCM database, then regardless of whether the ZCM server can contact them now, they should be considered as processed and therefore should not be in a pending state. Am I wrong?

Is there a different way I should have done this to baseline the update and not have WS that are really at 11.4.2 show up as 'Pending'?