I am trying to use the Collection Data Form that you can set up under "Configuration > Inventory > Collection Data Form" to capture info on WS. I have set it up so that the form prompts the user for First, Middle, Last name, phone, Department, Floor and Room. What is confusing me is where this info is supposed to show up when looking at a WS object in ZCM. There is a Owner and Department field on the Summary tab of the WS object but that is not where this info appears. If you click on the Inventory tab, you can see the Dept., Site, Building, Floor and Room and in my case the Dept., Floor and Room is filled out with the values I specified.

1. Is there a way for the value of 'Department' entered on the Collection Data Form to appear in the Department field on the Summary tab of the WS object?

2. Where do other parameters such as First, middle and last name appear? I can't find them anywhere on the WS object.

3. Is there a way to populate the Site and Location fields on the Summary tab from the Collection Data Form? I don't see options for those fields on that form.

4. Is there a way to add or remove fields from the summary tab?