ZCM 11.4.2, single Primary Server. I have two entries in the 'Deploying System Updates' pane of the System Updates tab that have been finished as far as I can see but I can't get the actions to clear.

The first is an Update name "ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.2)" that I deployed on a 'per devices' schedule. There are no pending devices, and only 1 failed device - all the rest are successful. I fixed the one device but it doesn't recognize it. I want to clear this Deployment but when I check the box then click the 'Action' pulldown, the 'Cancel Deployment' option is grayed out. Why? How do I clear this out?

The other deployment is also named "Update for ZENworks 11 SP4 (11.4.2)" where the Start Schedule is "Now" and the Reboot behavior is "Suppress Reboot (Start Services)". I did this because these machines were all at 11.4.2 already but ZCM didn't recognize it or the machines were turned off.

There are no Pending or Failed objects; only successful. However the 'Status' is still 'In Process'. Why doesn't it show as having finished? The 'Cancel Deployment' option is available for this one so I could used that, but why would it not say it was completed since there are only 'Successful' devices listed?