Zenworks 11

I have an environment that recently I have lost the ability to connect to the Zenworks Control Center using IE.

I have tried Chrome and Firefox and both work without any issue.

This seems to be a IE issue as I have tried IE8, IE9 and IE11. none are working

When I put in the address IE pops up the "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage", this come up right away, with no delay at all.

I have added the URL to the local sites and lowered the security all the way down, still will not open.

I have checked to make sure my java is enabled in the browser and is up to date, still will not open.

I have two Zen server and I get the same results connecting to either. but Chrome and Firefox continue to work with no problem.

I have tried everything I can think of but have been unable to get IE to open the Control Center login page.

Thank you