(ZCM 11.4.2, single primary server)
I would like to use ZCM to discover printers in my environment. As a test, I followed this link:


to set up a printer discovery task and pointed it to the IP address of an HP printer. I can connect to the printer through a Web browser and see that it is using SNMP V1/V2 Read Only access with the community string of 'public'. When I run the discovery task, ZCC says if found 1 device on the last scan. However, if I look at the results of the discovery scan I see the following:

SSH (failed), SNMP (failed), WinAPI (failed), ZENworks Ping (failed), WMI (failed), Mac Address (succeeded), Nmap (succeeded)

In ZCC, if I go to Devices ~ Discovered ~ Printers, I see '0' for the count of discovered printers.

If I use Paessler's snmptest program with an HP printer MIB, and the same public community string, I can read all sorts of info from the printer just fine so the IP address as well as the SNMP community string is correct. Even without the MIB I can get the up time of the printer.

What am I missing?