Hi dear community!

I have a lot of trouble installing ZENWorks on Windows 7.

The Pre-Agent throws me the following error in the event log:

Exception sending status: The remote name could not be resolved: zcm.schule.local

Following this error are lots of related errors like "connection to remote server could not be established", which I think are connedted to the name resolution error.

Hostname of my ZENWorks 11.4 applicance is zcm, domain name is schule.local.

What is the thing I don't understand:

When in a command prompt of the Windows 7 machine where I get the error I try nslookup, the IP-address of my ZCM-appliance correctly resolves to the hostname, and vice versa the hostname correctly resolves to the IP-address.

Can anyone point me in the right direction of where to look?

I've googled for hours, but found nothing on the way the ZEN agent handles name resolution... Does it use a proprietary protocol? I assume so, if it relied on the Windows name resolution, it shoudl work in my case, right?

Many thanks!